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Things to Consider when Applying to College

After years of schooling, tests and essays, it’s now time to search for your dream college. It can be daunting for some students and parents. The cost of college is still on the rise, leaving more and more graduating students with ever growing amounts of student loan debt.

College is still generally seen as a positive experience, as students that graduate from college are more likely to be financially stable, own their own home and be more likely to pursue further career advancements. We recommend doing plenty of research when determining which college to go to.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. What potential majors will you pursue?

  2. What are the salaries of entry level jobs requiring the major(s) you’d like to pursue?

  3. What is the career progression like with these majors?

  4. How might technological change affect your chosen career paths?

  5. How much does the price or prestige of the university influence future career options?

  6. Are there scholarships that could help with your education?

  7. Are there part time jobs that could help pay for college?

  8. What are alternative colleges or career paths you might be interested in? These include trade school, opening a business, coding boot camps, etc.

Students should use LoanPlanner.org throughout their college to create an optimal strategy to pay off any student loans.

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